Top 5 Habits for Successful Weight Loss

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Weight loss is a challenge we all face. In an ever-evolving modern world, it can be very difficult to find fresh food at a good price.


Fast food joints on every corner are selling a burger for a dollar, but a head of broccoli can be two or three times that price. It's an issue with our supply and demand, but it's a challenge that many people face when they try to eat healthy.


With varying opinions and decades of conflicting science showing that some diets work better than others, finding what's right for you can be a challenge.


With that in mind, hands down the best method you can use to achieve greater weight loss is to influence balance whenever possible.


Using a balanced diet as our foundation to successful weight loss, let’s break down five of the most important habits you can integrate into your life in order to lose weight and keep it off.


The 5 Habits


There are way more than five habits for successful weight loss, and many people will find that by making one simple change to their life that they begin to lose weight.


With that said, these are the five most effective habits:


#1 Stay hydrated. This is perhaps one of the most overlooked components of weight loss. Not only is our body made up of at least 60% water, but hydration is important in muscle growth, circulation, and promoting healthy bowel function. Seriously, in order to be successful in your weight loss journey you HAVE GOT TO BE HYDRATED.

  • Do your best to drink around 3 quarts of water daily. This daily consumption of water will help your body to remove toxins, flush out waste, and increase your potential for strength. Read my recent blog post for even more tips on how to increase you water intake and some of my best methods to make sure I am fully hydrated! "Are You Drinking Enough Water? Tips to Increase Your Intake and Energy"
  • Additionally, this habit can stave off food cravings too.

#2 Wake up earlier. This is one of the habits that would be beneficial for all of us to aspire to. Waking up early will get your system into a natural circadian rhythm. It also promotes feeling tired enough at night to get to bed at an opportune time to allow you to get enough sleep.

  • Waking up earlier could help you sleep better, feel more energized, and promote a healthier weight.
  • Think about the "me time" you could have before you start your day.... what could you accomplish? Set your goals and get motivated to build this new habit into your routine.


#3 Eat more fibrous foods. The average north American gets 1/5th of the recommended daily allowance of fiber. Not only is fiber essential in balancing out your carbohydrate levels, but it is also a crucial element in weight loss.

  • Decades of science have shown that fiber has unique properties that help to promote healthy bowel movements, which lead to greater weight management.
  • Additionally, fiber has also been shown to limit inflammation and be a great tool for recycling cholesterol. Here is a great article to learn more about fibrous foods and the best ones to eat for weight loss.

#4 Limit trans fats and saturated fats. Although the debate is open to interpretation, lowering the amount of dietary fat you consume to 15-20% of your total calories will help many people to start losing weight.

  • Why is this? Adapting your diet to a more balanced macronutrient scheme of 50/30/20 (50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat) will help your body to best handle the increased amount of exercise you will likely be committing to in your quest to lose weight.

#5 Increase your daily energy expenditure. This is a fancy way of saying become more active. You don't need to engage in really difficult workout sessions every day ‒ simply by being more active throughout the day, you will start to increase your energy expenditure and influence weight loss.

  • Do the simple things, like parking further away at a grocery store or taking the stairs in the office.
  • Choose movements you ENJOY doing! Like taking the dogs for a walk, hiking, strolling on the beach, yoga, weight lifting. Just make sure you get pleasure from it!


Successful Habits Instill Positive Lifestyle Behaviors


Your best bet at losing weight is to try out new things. Try eating fresher foods and see how your body responds. Try going for more walks and see if you start to lose weight.


At the end of the day, instilling more active habits and eating fresher foods will be a step in the right direction for successful weight loss.

If you want even more help on your journey, check out my online courses or schedule a Total Body Discovery call with me today! Let's get you started on the best version of you!

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